Two new reviews

Two good reviews came out recently.

One, on Nexus Graphica, is the first one to pick up on what I think of as the main theme of the book (I almost called it “A Secret Mercy.”)
“And while at first that intersection doesn’t seem entirely surprising, a small quiet epiphany at the end — about bending the rules, and most of all, a kind of forgiveness — makes the spare story pay off. ”
Read the review (HERE)

The second review, at, is written by Paul Buhle, the man behind so many important comics histories as of late (A People’s History of American Empire, Wobblies!, Che Guevara, and Yiddishkeit). I’m so glad he mentions “Citizen 13660” by MinĂ© Okubo (an early inspiration) and any author likes to read a line like this “This reviewer’s descriptions cannot be equal to the beauty of the pages or the power of the narrative.” Read the whole review (HERE)

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