Take What You Can Carry update

TakeWhatYouCanCarry.smWith my focus squarely on Bad For You I haven’t been keeping up on Take What You Can Carry reviews. So here’s a few and a lesson plan as well. Many thanks to the reviewers, librarians and educators for their thoughtful engagement with this book. First the lesson plan:

From Diamond Bookshelf: “In a typical review I might discuss some of these similarities.To do so in this review, though, would be to do this graphic novel a disservice. The similarities are for readers to discover and find. So there I leave it. Find what you can, take what you can carry, and literally pass this graphic novel on to someone else.”

Beyond the Middle: “Despite the fact that the teacher in me sees so many lesson possibilities in Kevin C. Pyle’s graphic novel Take What You Can Carry, you should read it simply for the grace of its stories.”

From Waking Brain Cells: “This intriguing graphic novel is a compelling read that will show young readers not only about history but also about themselves and their own choices.”

Lindy Reads and Reviews: “The concluding message is that we all carry the consequences of our actions, and that forgiveness is not only possible, but crucial.”

The Deakin Review of Children’s Literature: “A thought provoking read, with important messages for all ages about forgiveness and finding happiness even in the most destitute of situations.”

Satia’s Reviews: “…I would imagine it finding a well-deserved place in a school library if not in classroom itself. A good story, well crafted, and quickly devoured.”

Books ‘n Bytes: “A good book to have on hand to give to someone struggling with issues of honesty and personal responsibility.”

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