Memento Mori and the Princeton Atelier

I recently found out that in 2016 I will be co-teaching at the Princeton Atelier. It is a “unique academic program that brings together professional artists from different disciplines to create new work in the context of a semester-long course.” In my case I will be collaborating with Jennine Willett, Co-Artistic Director of Third Rail Projects, a multi-disciplinary company known for site-specific and immersive dance theater works. The class is tentatively called the Dance of Death and will seek to create an artwork in the tradition of Memento Mori. I will most likely have a dedicated site to the work but in the meantime, here is a “graphic essay” that will be part of a larger body of work on the subject of art and mortality.

Memento Mori Kevin Pyle 01
Memento Mori Kevin Pyle 02
Memento Mori Kevin Pyle 03
Memento Mori Kevin Pyle 04
Memento Mori Kevin Pyle 05
Memento Mori Kevin Pyle 06

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