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Take What You Can Carry update

With my focus squarely on Bad For You I haven’t been keeping up on Take What You Can Carry reviews. So here’s a few and a lesson plan as well. Many thanks to the reviewers, librarians and educators for their thoughtful engagement with this book. First the lesson plan: From Diamond Bookshelf: “In a typical […]

A nice writeup…

on the Diamond website as part of Katie’s Korner Top Ten Graphic Novels of 2012 for Schools and Libraries “8. Take What You Can Carry by Kevin C. Pyle (Henry Holt and Co., 978-0-80508-286-9) From time-to-time I read a graphic novel that stays in my head, sort of like a song that you love and […]

An honor…

to be included in the Nexus Graphica Top Ten books of 2012! “Take What You Can Carry by Kevin C. Pyle (Henry Holt) This was a year where I seemed to read more “YA” graphic novels than usual, and this was one of the first I reviewed, back in early spring. Pyle’s dialogue is spare, […]

More reviews

Waking Brain Cells: “This intriguing graphic novel is a compelling read that will show young readers not only about history but also about themselves and their own choices.” (LINK) 2nd First Look: “Take What You Can Carry is truly a case of something better left seen rather than explained, so if you’re a fan of […]

Two new reviews

Two good reviews came out recently. One, on Nexus Graphica, is the first one to pick up on what I think of as the main theme of the book (I almost called it “A Secret Mercy.”) “And while at first that intersection doesn’t seem entirely surprising, a small quiet epiphany at the end — about […]

Good Comics for Kids Interview

Esther Keller at the School Library Journal blog “Good For Kids” interviewed me. She also had some nice things to say about “Take What You Can Carry” and some great questions. You should check out some of the other posts too as “Good Comics For Kids” has lots of great content. (LINK)

Panel at MoCCA Artfest: Sunday April 29th

I’m honored to be included on this panel: “Graphic Novels for Young Adults” Betsy Bird, Raina Telgemeier, Kevin Pyle, MK Reed, Derek Kirk Kim The New York Public Library’s Betsy Bird talks to some of the brightest talents in one of comics’ fastest growing demographics. Sunday April 29th at 11:15 in Room A The 69th […]