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Gift idea?! If you won’t listen to me…

listen to Boing Boing and the New York Times! Two books I’m in made their Holiday Gift Guide: Bad For You: Exposing the War on Fun! My comic history, co written by Scott Cunningham, of parent-led moral panics is at Boing Boing. And the World War 3 illustrated anthology, the magazine I co-edited for many […]

Bad For You Review Roundup

Been awhile since I gathered reviews of BAD FOR YOU, my latest book with Scott Cunningham. So here’s a boatload of Bad (excerpts included; follow link for full post). From AdAstra Comix, the increasingly indespensable distributor and reviewer of politically informed comics: “What this book truly brings to the table is empowerment for young minds… […]

Boing Boing Bounce for Bad For You

So psyched that Cory Doctorow reviewed my new book on Boing Boing! “a marvellous and infuriating history of censorship, zero-tolerance, helicopter parenting, and the war on kids.” and “The comics form turns out to be just perfect for presenting this material.”

Take What You Can Carry update

With my focus squarely on Bad For You I haven’t been keeping up on Take What You Can Carry reviews. So here’s a few and a lesson plan as well. Many thanks to the reviewers, librarians and educators for their thoughtful engagement with this book. First the lesson plan: From Diamond Bookshelf: “In a typical […]

A nice writeup…

on the Diamond website as part of Katie’s Korner Top Ten Graphic Novels of 2012 for Schools and Libraries “8. Take What You Can Carry by Kevin C. Pyle (Henry Holt and Co., 978-0-80508-286-9) From time-to-time I read a graphic novel that stays in my head, sort of like a song that you love and […]

An honor…

to be included in the Nexus Graphica Top Ten books of 2012! “Take What You Can Carry by Kevin C. Pyle (Henry Holt) This was a year where I seemed to read more “YA” graphic novels than usual, and this was one of the first I reviewed, back in early spring. Pyle’s dialogue is spare, […]

More reviews

Waking Brain Cells: “This intriguing graphic novel is a compelling read that will show young readers not only about history but also about themselves and their own choices.” (LINK) 2nd First Look: “Take What You Can Carry is truly a case of something better left seen rather than explained, so if you’re a fan of […]