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Gift idea?! If you won’t listen to me…

listen to Boing Boing and the New York Times! Two books I’m in made their Holiday Gift Guide: Bad For You: Exposing the War on Fun! My comic history, co written by Scott Cunningham, of parent-led moral panics is at Boing Boing. And the World War 3 illustrated anthology, the magazine I co-edited for many […]

Bad For You Review Roundup

Been awhile since I gathered reviews of BAD FOR YOU, my latest book with Scott Cunningham. So here’s a boatload of Bad (excerpts included; follow link for full post). From AdAstra Comix, the increasingly indespensable distributor and reviewer of politically informed comics: “What this book truly brings to the table is empowerment for young minds… […]

Bad For You on Boing Boing!

I’m a huge fan of Boing Boing so it is especially exciting that they have posted the techno-panic timeline from my new book (with Scott Cunningham) Bad For You: Exposing the War on Fun. It is especially good timing in anticipation of our January 7th release date!

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Bad For You Book Blog

My co-writer, Scott Cunningham, now have a blog dedicated to our next book with Henry Holt. The book is Bad For You: Exposing the War on Fun. The book chronicles the history of adult hysteria and moral panics around things kids love: comic books, video games, danger etc. But as it happens there are new […]

Good Comics for Kids Interview

Esther Keller at the School Library Journal blog “Good For Kids” interviewed me. She also had some nice things to say about “Take What You Can Carry” and some great questions. You should check out some of the other posts too as “Good Comics For Kids” has lots of great content. (LINK)

Panel at MoCCA Artfest: Sunday April 29th

I’m honored to be included on this panel: “Graphic Novels for Young Adults” Betsy Bird, Raina Telgemeier, Kevin Pyle, MK Reed, Derek Kirk Kim The New York Public Library’s Betsy Bird talks to some of the brightest talents in one of comics’ fastest growing demographics. Sunday April 29th at 11:15 in Room A The 69th […]