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Comics and the Greek Myths

One of the richest subjects to support with comics is the Greek Myths. Administrators and teachers love the western civilization angle and students love the monsters, magic powers, romance and violence. Over the last year I conducted half a dozen workshops on comics and the greek myths. Here are some images:

Badly Needed Update! (Creative Consulting)

Once again this page has fallen WAAAAAAAY out of date. So here’s a recap since the last post: Despite appearances, I have continued to stay quite busy as a teaching artist over the last year, working with Young Audiences of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Arts Horizons and this year Morris Arts. Through Young Audiences, with […]

Take What You Can Carry update

With my focus squarely on Bad For You I haven’t been keeping up on Take What You Can Carry reviews. So here’s a few and a lesson plan as well. Many thanks to the reviewers, librarians and educators for their thoughtful engagement with this book. First the lesson plan: From Diamond Bookshelf: “In a typical […]