Bank Street Books for Banned Book Week

My Bad For You co-author, Scott Cunningham and I will be at Bank Street Books with some of the contributing youth to the latest issue of World War 3 illustrated. We’ll do live readings of some of the projected pages followed by a discussion.

September 29, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Bank Street Book Store
2780 Broadway
Manhattan, NY 10025

No Future

This graphic essay will run in the next issue of World War 3 illustrated but here’s a look at it now. It’s part of a series of work I’m doing around the intersection of art and mortality (lots of laughs to come!!) The lyrics are all gleaned from punk rock I listened to at roughly time referenced in the comic. So how could resist not doing a youtube playlist and sources page?

No Future KevinCPyle01

No Future KevinCPyle02

No Future KevinCPyle03

No Future KevinCPyle04

No Future KevinCPyle05

No Future KevinCPyle06

No Future KevinCPyle07

No Future KevinCPyle08