Pencils started on Migrant Stories

Really feeling the benefits of on-ground research with this project both in the writing and the images. Had we not been able to interview migrants in Nogales we wouldn’t have known they sometimes are forced to sleep in the graveyard AND I wouldn’t have been able to see the actual graveyard.

Page detail from Migrant stories comic co-written with Jeff Korgen

Page from Migrant Stories

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Border Sketches

I recently conducted interviews with migrants and asylum seekers in the lead up to an activist comic I’m doing about the Mexican border.
Here are a few:
Interviewed at a women’s shelter in Nogales. She fled Guatemala with her daughter after gangs shot up her home. Her mother ran a fruit stand and when business dipped she fell behind on her protection payments.

Interviewed in migrant shelter in Juarez. Leon spent 6 months in detention in El Paso system. “Mentally and emotionally, it’s a nightmare. There’s a lot of people that commit suicide and a lot of people who stress out.”

Interviewed in migrant comedor in Nogales. Lived 30 years in U.S. before being deported. Lost for 4 days in the desert after a helicopter scattered his group trying to cross. When his prayers were answered and the border patrol found him: “They played with me.” holding a bottle of water out but then pulling away when he reached for it.

More sketches to come and eventually a 24 page comic!