Badly Needed Update! (Creative Consulting)

Once again this page has fallen WAAAAAAAY out of date. So here’s a recap since the last post:

Despite appearances, I have continued to stay quite busy as a teaching artist over the last year, working with Young Audiences of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Arts Horizons and this year Morris Arts. Through Young Audiences, with funding from the Geraldine Dodge Foundation, I have also been working as a Creative Consultant helping schools in Clifton, Trenton, Paterson, Haledon and others infuse arts that aligns with Common Core into their curriculum. In this capacity we’ve been exploring the idea of connecting comics to specific subjects as a way to inspire students. For instance, below is a model sheet for a character living in Ancient China as part of a social studies unit. Other subjects I’ve tried this with have been Greek Myths and Early Explorers.


Check back in a few days and I’ll have some images from the projects on Greek Myths.

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