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TWYCC Research notes

  Over the next few months I’m going to post links and research notes about the history that serves as a back drop for Take What You Can Carry. The book is structured as two interlocking narratives, one of which tells the story of a 12 year-old Japanese American boy who is relocated to an […]

Residencies, short and long.

I just started a couple of residencies in Northern New Jersey. I’m 2 days into a 5 day residency in at Gilmore School in Union City. I just introduced the students to complex facial emotions and they came up with some great work I’ll be posting later. Meanwhile, I had my first meeting with the […]

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Surprise in the Mail

  My first copies of Take What You Can Carry just arrived. I wasn’t even expecting these so it was quite a surprise. I’m very happy with the paper stock, which is a non-gloss, warm white. The color on the sepia sections for the camps really works and the cover stock is textured, making it […]

Busy Winter and Spring a brewing

I guess a lot of folks in the education world are starting to see the advantages of using comics as an arts education strategy for combining creativity and literacy. A year ago I retooled my basics comics class to directly engage with grade appropriate language arts standards and that seems to be a factor in […]

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Past Workshops

Comix Journalism Built on an investigative project-based education model, this workshop teaches basic journalism techniques of research, interviews and reportorial narrative and applies them to producing non-fiction comics on a specific subject of academic interest. Students learn basics of sequential story-telling and comic construction. Examples of successful non-fiction comics are presented and analyzed for visual […]

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