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Roger Shimomura on Studio 360

My favorite painting teacher from university is the subject of a feature on one of my favorite radio shows:Studio 360 on WNYC. As it turns out, I contacted Roger when I was embarking on “Take What You Can Carry.” He spent part of his childhood in a Japanese internment camp and I wrote him to […]

Residencies and Workshops in March

A busy month. I’ll be at the following schools: Paterson Public School #7- halfway through a 20 day residency. Emerson Middle School in Union City- 5 day residency. Woodrow Wilson Elementary in Trenton- 4 day residency. Bloomfield High School plus my History of Monsters class starts up at the Montclair Cooperative School and my regular […]

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Post on MacKids blog

The blog for MacMillan Children’s Publishing has a post of mine and the role of research in the creative process. Here’s the (link) and it’s short enough that I’ll post it here too. When the plot for “Take What You Can Carry” first came to me, specifically the idea of setting half the story in […]

The Art of Gaman

One of the aspects of the Japanese-Internment camps that figures prominently in “Take What You Can Carry” is what author and curator Delphine Hirasuna calls the “Art of Gaman.” “Gaman” is a japanese word that means “enduring the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity.” Faced with huge amounts of free time in a harsh and […]

TWYCC Research notes

  Over the next few months I’m going to post links and research notes about the history that serves as a back drop for Take What You Can Carry. The book is structured as two interlocking narratives, one of which tells the story of a 12 year-old Japanese American boy who is relocated to an […]

Residencies, short and long.

I just started a couple of residencies in Northern New Jersey. I’m 2 days into a 5 day residency in at Gilmore School in Union City. I just introduced the students to complex facial emotions and they came up with some great work I’ll be posting later. Meanwhile, I had my first meeting with the […]

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