An honor…

to be included in the Nexus Graphica Top Ten books of 2012!

“Take What You Can Carry by Kevin C. Pyle (Henry Holt)
This was a year where I seemed to read more “YA” graphic novels than usual, and this was one of the first I reviewed, back in early spring. Pyle’s dialogue is spare, and the lines simply drawn and generally evocative in a story linking two initially separate tales of the World War II-era relocation of Japanese-Americans into camps, and 70s-set “juvenile delinquent” hellraising. At first it’s not clear how the stories will intersect, then suddenly it is. And while that intersection may not seem entirely surprising in retrospect, a small quiet epiphany at the end — about bending the rules, and most of all, a kind of forgiveness — makes the spare story pay off. Even the title pays off, too.”

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