A nice writeup…

on the Diamond website as part of Katie’s Korner Top Ten Graphic Novels of 2012 for Schools and Libraries

“8. Take What You Can Carry by Kevin C. Pyle
(Henry Holt and Co., 978-0-80508-286-9)
From time-to-time I read a graphic novel that stays in my head, sort of like a song that you love and can’t get out of your head in a good way. It simply strikes a chord and I can see – without reopening its pages – the images and the text continually working together to tell a moving, memorable story. In Take What You Can Carry Pyle tells two intentionally-parallel stories. During World War II a teenager named Ken is one of over one hundred thousand Japanese Americans told to leave their homes, leave their jobs, and leave their friends. “Take what you can carry,” the American government says and move into a relocation camp. A few generations later Kyle will do just about anything to make friends in his new neighborhood. His escapades, however, land him in jail and there are consequences to be paid. Lessons to be learned.”

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